Did Bitcoin Runes already peak?

Block 840,000, mined on April 19, 2024, was special for Bitcoin. In addition to marking the fourth halving of the world’s largest blockchain, it also signaled the launch of the Runes Protocol, currently the most popular for creating fungible tokens on Bitcoin.  While token creation is common on blockchains such as Ethereum, this practice is […]

$DOG Enters Top 10 Memecoins

Bitcoin Runes DOG Enters Top 10 Memecoins: What’s Ahead In Phase 2?

Bitcoin Runes-based memecoin DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (DOG) hits $500 million market cap following announcements of its listings on four notable centralized exchanges (CEXs) within the last 24 hours. This surge has catalyzed DOG to join the top 10 memecoins by market cap. Notably, DOG stands on the ninth spot, with two hyped Solana-based memecoins — Book of […]

$DOG Uzmancoin

Bitcoin meme coin DOG hits $336 million market cap After runes airdrop

The DOG-GO-TO-THE-MOON (DOG) token was airdropped yesterday to accounts holding Runestone Ordinals project inscriptions. This made the newly minted coin instantly the most owned Runes token. The meme coin’s market capitalization also surpassed $340 million. The Runes protocol, which came to life after the halving of Bitcoin on the night connecting Friday to Saturday, continues […]

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